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People Development

Our People Development programs create confident, capable and inspiring leaders who can change company cultures, drive performance, and improve employee engagement.

The Leadership Contract™

The Leadership Contract™

The Leadership Contract™ helps you gain clarity and commitment you need to be a truly accountable leader. It starts with an idea – a leadership contract. Many leaders do not fully appreciate that when they take on a leadership role at any level a lot is expected of them. One must be accountable and be a positive example for others.

Based on The Leadership Contract™, the following are four critical terms and conditions that leaders must live up to:

Leadership is
a Decision.

Make it

Leadership is
an Obligation.

Step up

Leadership is
Hard Work.

Get tough

Leadership is
a Community.


Key learning outcomes

The Leadership Contract™ helps you:

Understand the context in which you lead and reflect on the impact on your role as a leader

Explore ways to be a more deliberate and purposeful leader.

Identify and step up to your obligations as a leader.

Resolve to tackle the hard work of leadership in a way that moves your organization forward.

Connect with your colleagues to build a stronger community of leaders in your organization.

Leave with your personal roadmap to become a more accountable leader.

Leading From The Middle™

Leading From The Middle™


If in the rapidly evolving world, you need to:

Increase leaders’ confidence in managing change

Improve leadership accountability at a personal, team, organizational and stakeholder levels

Develop leaders’ ability to build accountable teams

Stimulate strategic thinking


Our experts will help your mid-level managers to:

Change their mindset and behavior until accountability becomes natural

Create a development plan on how they will think and act differently to influence stakeholders

Develop personal resilience skillsets

Think strategically and influence to drive result

Build culture and drive engagement

Build and lead accountable teams through commitment and effective feedback

Manage conflict and deal with issues

Lead change across the organization

The Accountable Manager™

The Accountable Manager™

The Accountable Manager™: This program was designed by Lee Hecht Harrison to build up Leader capability in 3 areas including Accountable to Myself, Accountable to My Team and Accountable to My Organization.

The Accountable Manager™ Program Overview

Making the transition from individual contributor to a manager can be a daunting challenge. Unfortunately, many new managers struggle to make this transition. In fact, nearly 60% of all managers underperform during their first two years, leading to performance gaps and employee turnover across the entire frontline. However it’s clear today that frontline managers matter more than ever. Their day-to-day performance impacts customer relationships and engagement of employees. To drive the performance of frontline managers, organizations need to support new candidates as they transition into their role, while also ensuring existing managers continue to develop the skills that will drive success.

Our clients were telling us that the market did not have a scalable solution built off of reputable thought leadership for new and existing front-line managers. In response to this need we created The Accountable Manager™, a management fundamentals training program that equips new managers with the mindset and skills needed to not only lead, but lead with greater accountability. The program is organized around three building blocks to drive accountability at the personal, team and organizational level.

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