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Career Transitions & Outplacement

When new technologies and changes create new career paths, companies need to evolve people’s skills. We help our customers’ people learn new skills and match them with opportunities within their organization, enabling them to constantly reinvent themselves for whatever comes next.

When people’s careers need to progress outside the organization, customers need to help them find a new path forward. Through tailored, technology-enabled, human-driven experiences, we offer individuals support, insight, motivation, and resources to regain control of their careers and thrive.

This year we’ve helped half a million people transform their careers.

Career transition & Outplacement program

Career Transition & Outplacement programs

Companies in every industry are facing unprecedented change – so they’re transforming their workforces to keep pace and we work with them to simplify the challenges of internal and external career transition.

That can mean helping move people on who lack the correct skills or who no longer fit the business structure, while at the same time moving key people into new roles, and finding new talent.



What if you could reduce restructuring and recruiting costs while addressing skill gaps and filling critical open jobs across your organization? And what if your future workforce could include more of the people who work for you today?

LHH’s redeployment solutions can help your company shift from a replaceable workforce to a renewable one. We combine AI matching technology, assessments and coaching with reskilling and upskilling from General Assembly and LinkedIn Learning, all packaged in an internal mobility program that can be quickly deployed and scaled. Whether you’re trying to reduce the impact of an upcoming restructuring or build a long-term redeployment system, we’ll help you unlock the skills, capabilities and possibilities to make your workforce a true force.


Our Technology

Intelligent technology delivering job leads, personalized content and job search resources.

Career Resource Network (CRN) is a powerful, comprehensive online portal to help individuals going through a career transition explore their options, define their objectives, conduct a job search, pursue business ownership, or consider active retirement. The CRN includes comprehensive career transition content delivered using the latest in eLearning, streaming media, and podcast technologies. Our exclusive content offers resources and information that focuses on three core areas:

  • Tools. Best-in-class research and planning applications.
  • Jobs. Vast connections to career opportunities.
  • Learning. Comprehensive e-learning courses and programs

Lifetime Connections.

When each CRN user’s career transition service ends, they are automatically provided lifetime access to the CRN Alumni portal. The alumni website gives individuals access to extensive follow-up career transition content for those still in search and career management content for those who have landed a new job.

Accessing CRN.

Are you a registered candidate who wants to access CRN? Log in. Need technical support? Visit CRN for help logging in.

Project Planning Consultancy

Project Planning Advisory

LHH’s advisory practice helps leaders unpack the most difficult workforce transformation challenges into discrete and executable pieces. Our consultants bring insights based on research, data, and experience to advise on the planning stages through to execution. This enables your organsiation to avoid pitfalls, adopt best practice and plan for a seamless end-to-end process.

Our Consultants support and work with the Leadership, Project and HR Teams on project planning including:

  • Best practice approach and options to support mutual agreement, voluntary redundancies and/or reduction-in-force.
  • Support on difficult cases to minimize the risk to the organization and brand
  • Labor utilization plan submission and working with Trade Unions and local government.
  • Advise on what works / doesn’t work in Vietnam
  • Risk mitigation plan
  • Communication plans

Notification Support

Our consultants are also available to provide training, support and guidance to notifying Managers and HR to prepare for the notification meeting. On the day of notification, our experienced consultants can meet with employees to provide an overview of Career Transition services available to them and help impacted employees focus on their immediate next steps.

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