HR Audit

HR Audit

Tool for evaluating the HR activities within an organisation


An HR Audit is a tool for evaluating the HR activities within an organisation. An HR Audit clearly investigates the current policies, procedures and practices covered under your current HRM system and evaluates how these activities support the organisation’s strategy. As such, an HR Audit is the first step in proactively identifying improvement opportunities.

We visit your premises and gather information through interviews, questionnaires, review, research and observation. After detailed analysis of the information, we propose recommendations for a practical improvement plan on how the function might better assist your organisation in meeting its business objectives.


  • Objective and independent.
  • Improves the professional image of the HR department.
  • Identifies weaknesses in the current HR system.
  • Clarifies duties and responsibilities.
  • Increases “buy-in” to change.
  • Standardises HR policies and practices.
  • Identifies critical personnel problems.
  • Identifies organisational needs for future growth.
  • Provides a plan for future HR development.
  • Ensures compliance with legal requirements.
  • Reduces HR costs.

Who we serve

  • Small and medium size enterprises (SME’s).
  • Fast growth organisations
  • Organisations that have limited HR capability.
  • Organisations preparing for expansion.
  • Organisations undergoing change.

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