Development Centre

Development Centre

Tool for identifying individual and organisational development needs


The Development Center is based on job related simulations or mock situations. Candidates are asked to complete a number of tailor made exercises that mimic the specifi c requirements of the role. Exercises could include, group and individual tasks and/or analytical exercises. The process defi nes development priorities and builds realistic plans to achieve them. Development Centres have been proven to be the most effective way of identifying development needs.

We assist you with the development of tailor made activities that effectively assess your candidate’s skills and behaviours. Candidates are evaluated by our assessors in a fair, systematic, objective and reliable manner as they demonstrate skills and behaviours required for success within the organisation. The process culminates in a written report outlining development needs and individual feedback / coaching sessions.


  • Develops a culture of self development.
  • Creates a more motivated work force.
  • Focuses development activity.
  • Accelerates individual development.
  • Participant’s career goals are articulated.
  • Outlines clear development plans for all participants.
  • Increases individuals understanding of development needs.
  • Assists with identifying future leaders.

Who we serve

  • Organisations that want to identify the development needs for promotion purposes.
  • Organisations that want to identify future leaders.
  • Organisations that want to identify the reasons for under performance.
  • Organisations that are looking to identify team members for large projects.

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