Career Development

Career Development

Organize and formalize an approach aligned to the individual’s career needs of our people with the organizations workforce requirements to create a culture of shared responsibility.

Our career development solutions give your employees more control over their future, make it easier for managers to retain talent, and can improve your reputation as an employer.


career development toolkit

Career Development Digital Toolkit: DevelopMe

A means to deliver consistent and cost-effective career development support to your broader workforce population. DevelopMe benefits companies of any size and geographic.
DevelopMe is an engaging, easy to-use, on-demand toolkit that aligns to the
content and learning paths of our CAREERFOCUS and TALENTBUILDER
workshops, making it a great digital enhancement to those solutions.
The Digital Toolkit provide access to key methodologies, resources,
assessments, and other tools to help:

  • employees understand more about what would make an ideal career fit for them, examine potential career paths, and help them build their own career plans; and
  • managers better prepare for and engage in career and professional development discussions with their direct reports.
Career Development training

Career Development Training: CAREERFOCUS™

LHH’s CAREERFOCUS™ program is a blended-learning workshop providing individuals with key methodologies and resources to help them build their own career plans. Employees learn from a proven and strategic framework for managing their career and professional development. Employees will understand how to leverage their strengths, increase their skills and contribution, create a powerful network, find a mentor, set appropriate goals, and build development plans aligned with the needs of the organization.


Career Development Training: TALENTBUILDER™

LHH’s TALENTBUILDER program is a blended learning workshop, providing managers with key methodologies to build a talent planning process for identifying, retaining and developing employees. Our proven and strategic framework helps managers hone their skillset and provides them assessment tools, discussion aids, and development planning documents to aid them in holding effective and productive discussions with their direct reports.

Career Development Coaching

Career Coaching helps participants understand and appreciate their unique capabilities, enabling them to take charge of their career and align their development to the company’s mission and strategies. LHH Career Coaching:

  • is delivered by experienced, certified career advisors
  • provides an objective, ‘safe’ third-party view for an individuals’ career conversation
  • is an external outlet for manages to think through and prepare for developmental conversations as well as a resource for managers to direct employees to for career support,
  • supports an organizations’ need for on-demand career management

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