Leadership Accountability

Leadership Contract

This practice helps organizations improve the accountability of their senior leaders and teams, bridging the gap between expectation and current performance.

According to our Global Leadership Accountability study, 72% of organizations agree that leadership accountability is a critical business issue, yet only 37% are satisfied with the levels in their own workplace.

Despite considerable ongoing investment in leadership development by companies, there’s a demonstrable accountability gap between what is expected of leaders and how they are currently performing.

Our Leadership Accountability practice is based on ideas from The Leadership Contract by Dr. Vince Molinaro, who defines strong and accountable leaders as those who are committed to:

  • getting important work done.
  • moving things forward in their organizations.
  • taking personal ownership for their words, actions, and outcomes.

"Our global leadership team has begun learning how to put The Leadership Contract into action, and we are all seeing the results."


"The Leadership Contract program helps you understand that choosing to lead is both a decision and a commitment. We have taken all of our leaders through the program and use it as a cornerstone for our new leader development program."

 The Leadership Contract forums

The Leadership Contract forums

Our award-winning Leadership Contract workshops are ideal opportunities to align senior leaders around a new strategy or set of leadership expectations.

The Leadership Contract for Teams

The Leadership Contract for Teams

Help leaders understand what it really means to be accountable, and how to drive the success of their organization. This service will challenge each team member to develop the clarity and commitment they need to be fully accountable and perform at their highest level within their team.

Accountable Manager

The Accountable Manager

This program teaches the core tools managers need to succeed in their roles and lead with greater accountability. It’s ideal for those new to management, or anyone who hasn’t been given any training about the fundamental skills of leadership.

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