Get Social and Get Hired


Social networks are online platforms that allow individuals to curate, create and share content.

These networks allow users to communicate with each other and build relationships. The power behind social networks as a career management tool is its dynamic and seamless ability to connect employees and employers—radically changing how workers find jobs and how employers find workers.

Social networking is disruptive because it requires change to old behaviors. However, it offers a significant amount of career opportunity—connecting individuals who are linked by communication structures. Adoption is growing exponentially. No matter what your level, function, age, or career goals, you will want to use social networks to manage your reputation, create a professional online presence, expand conversations, grow and manage networking contacts, and attract new career opportunities.

Today, many employees—especially those in professional roles—are fairly well versed in the “where” of social networking, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. We know the “why”—personal branding, visibility, influence, credibility, trust. And the “what” is about conversation, credentialing, and sharing. But the “how” continues to stymie the efforts of a large majority. “Should I blog, tweet, pin, or post? How often? What should I say? Will I say something wrong and damage my reputation? I don’t have the time. I don’t understand the technology.”

This paper aims to address all your concerns and equip you with tips, tools, and best practices for using social media to get noticed and get hired. Download your free copy and let’s get started!

Lee Hecht Harrison