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What do 89% of the World’s 100 Most Valuable Brands Have In Common?

They trust LHH with their Leadership Development.

And by far, the most popular and effective Leadership Development service we provide them is Executive Coaching.


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Below, we invite you to learn why these Valuable Brands continue to trust us with their Executive Coaching.

Executive Coaching Has Business Impact

Executive Coaches Have Impact

“Regular coaching will improve productivity, employee engagement, retention, employee development, and supervisor performance.”
-How Developing a Coaching Culture Pays Off: Dramatically Improve Your Organization by Dr. Jack Zenger and Dr. Joe Folkman

Your number one priority as a business leader and decision-maker is to develop a company that can withstand the constantly changing market – both today and in the future.

Reports are now finding that when you invest in high-quality Executive Coaching for your leadership, you get a company that has:

  • Higher Performance
  • More Productivity
  • Greater Retention
  • More Committed Employees, and
  • A Deeper Leadership Pipeline.

Executive Coaching has a proven business impact. 

To achieve the above benefits, we provide the following suite of Executive Coaching Services.

Our Executive Coaching Services

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  • Top Performance Executive Coaching

    Objective: Advise your most senior leaders on developing and sustaining optimal performance levels in their contributions to the organization
    Goal: Sustainable leadership skill development and behaviour change
    Duration: 3, 6 or 12 months
    Target Leaders: Senior Executives, Board Members, Succession Candidates, High Potentials

  • New Leader Integration & Onboarding Executive Coaching

    Objective: Assist leaders in new roles in developing an initial approach on cultural alignment, relationship building, messaging and setting expectations on results
    Goal: Early impact, quick wins, and greater credibility
    Duration: 3 or 6 months
    Target Leaders: New internally or externally promoted, hired, or transferred leaders

  • Targeted Development Executive Coaching

    Objective: Targeted coaching for the development of specific performance skills and behaviours as determined by management
    Goal: Greater awareness and behaviour change in the targeted area of development
    Duration: 6 sessions
    Target Leaders: All levels of leadership, especially emerging leaders where scalability is required

  • Assessment Feedback & Development Planning Coaching

    Objective: Gain perspective on leadership effectiveness and development needs
    Goal: Building broad awareness of leaders' characteristics and development needs with action planning
    Duration: 1-3 sessions
    Target Leaders: All levels of leadership

How We Work: LHH’s Four-Phase Results-Based Coaching Model™

4 Phase Model

Used by over 1000+ Executive Coaches in over 64 countries and territories around the world, 
LHH’s Four-Phase Results-Based Coaching Model™ has been engineered and refined to achieves its sole purpose: Increased Business Performance.

  • Phase I: Outcomes

    • Interview Coachee and manager in order to gather initial information about Coachees leadership behaviours
    • Develop a Coaching Agreement stating desired outcomes and initial action plan
    • All parties approve and coaching begins.
    • Deliverable: Approved Coaching Agreement
  • Phase II: Information

    • Confidentially administer the distribution, collection, and processing of an assessment of the Coachee
    • Additional data collection via individual interviews with Coachee’s colleagues and direct reports, as agreed upon during Phase I
    • Feedback gathered and presented to the Coachee
    • Deliverable: Assessment Debrief Summary Document
  • Phase III: Strategy

    • Development, review and approval of post-assessment Coaching Action Plan
    • LHH Executive Coach delivers 1:1 coaching to Coachee
    • The coachee has regular meetings with the Manager to discuss the coaching process
    • Coach is also available to discuss the process while honouring the confidentiality of the Coachee
    • Deliverable: Approved Action Plan
  • Phase IV: Results

    • Review coaching results with Coachee and Manager as outlined in the Agreement
    • Summation Meeting and End of Engagement Summary Report
    • Ongoing coaching as appropriate
    • Optional: Re-interview stakeholders to assess behaviour change
    • Deliverable: End of Engagement Summary Report

Our Coaches

At LHH VN, we boast the most experienced team of International Coach Federation certified coaches in Vietnam, including one of the only LHH Master Coaches in the APAC region.

Among our coaches are experienced business leaders, academics, and industrial psychologists from around the world.

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