Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Accelerate leaders’ development, performance, and impact.

Lee Hecht Harrison specializes in helping executives and organizations effectively lead during times of complexity, change, and uncertainty. We bring the experience and expertise to understand each client’s situation, and apply an industry-recognized approach to coaching that aligns the needs of the business with the needs of the individuals being coached. Our coaching solutions target growth needs, positively impact business performance, and build your talent pipeline. Our roster includes coaches certified by the International Coaching Federation, experienced business leaders, academics, and industrial psychologists from around the world. All of our Executive Coaching programs are available in-person.


C-Suite & Board Advisory: Advance your organization by providing your most senior leaders with guidance from accomplished coaches who understand the unique challenges that these individuals face every day.

Accelerated Development: Fast-track leaders’ development by shifting mindsets or enhance leadership competencies to meet evolving expectations.

Integration Coaching: Reduce risk and ensure fast impact by enhancing leadership competencies in individuals who are transitioning into the organization or into a new role.

Performance Support Coaching: Get a valuable leader back on track, increase emotional intelligence, or advance a new culture with targeted goals and action plans.


Service benefits:

  • Supports the organization’s leadership development strategies
  • Aligns leadership behavioral changes to organizational performance
  • Sustains development for optimal leadership effectiveness and business results


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