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Executive coach Simon Moody has always been able to find opportunity in adversity. Like the time he planned to spend a year sailing his 42-foot sail boat from Gibraltar to the Arabian Gulf. It would have been a daunting adventure for an experienced sailor. For Moody, with only two days of sailing lessons under his belt from 20 years previous, it presented the challenge of a lifetime. “To say I learnt on the job is Read More
Career success takes on many forms. For some, it’s landing a management position. For others, it’s finding work-life balance or developing a very specialized expertise in one area. Still others like the variety lateral moves provide. Respect and acknowledge each employee’s definition of success, and keep individual contributors engaged. Whether they’re backroom, frontline, low or high profile, individual contributors are the backbone of an organization and, as such, should not be relegated to stagnation but Read More
Social networks are online platforms that allow individuals to curate, create and share content. These networks allow users to communicate with each other and build relationships. The power behind social networks as a career management tool is its dynamic and seamless ability to connect employees and employers—radically changing how workers find jobs and how employers find workers. Social networking is disruptive because it requires change to old behaviors. However, it offers a significant amount of Read More
Social media continues to be an essential element of career management and the engine driving talent acquisition. Modern candidates use social networks to manage your reputation, create a professional online presence, expand conversations, grow and manage networking contacts, and attract new career opportunities. Not convinced? Download your free copy of the article HERE! Read More
Working today requires that we be change ready. Markets shift, needs evolve and the competitive landscape is redrawn. Organizations need employees who can adapt, recover and remain productive in the midst of change, transition or uncertainty. Once an organization has announced a restructuring, merger or new line of business, how do you ensure employees can absorb high levels of ambiguity, cope with change and stay focused on business? Today, change initiatives are a common fact of organizational Read More

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