Portals and Assessment

Career Development Portals and Assessment Toolkits

Turn-key, customizable web portals offer an integrated approach to talent development.

As part of our DevelopMe™ suite of offerings, Lee Hecht Harrison's Career Development portals and assessment toolkits offer online access to career management tools and resources to improve employee engagement and increase productivity, development and retention in your organization, providing consistent and cost-effective services to remote and/or large employee populations. We offer:

Manager toolkits with the tools and assessments to develop talent and conduct effective career and performance discussions that increase engagement, job satisfaction and retention.

Employee toolkits that provide support, tools and resources necessary to help employees develop new competencies, adjust to changing job roles, consider alternate or non-traditional career paths, and contribute more fully to the organization.

Service highlights:

  • Demonstrates organizational commitment for talent development and career development
  • Provides turn-key, branded, customizable portals that integrate with existing HR systems
  • Cultivates a more committed and engaged workforce that is better utilized and aligned with strategic goals

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