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Brand ROI Restructure 2018

You are a business leader. Making tough decisions is what you do. No matter the situation, you’re willing to work hard and fight for your team.

Right now, your company is approaching a difficult time. Due to new regulations, market changes, or trends towards M&A and centralization, you will have to restructure your team in Vietnam to keep the company alive.

And yet, most companies in-country do not have an action plan for how to approach employee outplacement.

With 85% of business leaders expecting increased transformation activities from 2016 onward, less than 26% say recent transformations were “successful."

Given the legal risk and employer brand risks inherent to restructuring and outplacement, 26% is not good enough. 

Business week reports that even a modest restructure can result in numerous valuable employees leaving. Companies that laid off only 0.5% of employees experienced, on average, an overall turnover rate of 13% – compared with an average of only 10.4% at companies that didn’t downsize.

Therefore, you need a new approach to restructuring, one that transforms this difficult time from one of brand defensiveness into one of brand enhancement. You need a strategy that is:

► Proactive

► Takes care of impacted and non-impacted employees.

► Reduces legal risk

► Gives impacted employees a reason to feel hopeful & not tarnish your reputation in the market

► Enhances your company brand as an employer of choice

It's simple: when your impacted and non-impacted employees get the support they need, the company gets the sustainable business transformation that you need.

To learn more, fill out the form below to download our white paper Return on Investment and Career Transition Services. This white paper is all about ROI during downsizing, and even includes our Blueprint for Success: 5 Critical Components to the Success of Any Career Transition Program.

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Remember: the time to be strategic is now. The longer companies wait the greater the legal and brand risks they face. Download the white paper and get educated about proactive Career Transition Services today.

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